Protecting our tenants, staff and customers

This page will provide bullet points in relation to what action we are taking as an agency . Whilst not in depth, this page will cover the unfolding changes in our business practices. Uploaded 12/03/2020 -  UPDATED 29/12/2020


Caution: Welsh Government restictions are different to the English Government. Check the link to make sure you are informed correctly.

For medical advice, click the button above, this link was kindly sent to us by one of our awesome customers.

Our phone is on from 9am-4pm. Monday-Friday. We are closed on Saturdays until further notice.

Please patient when calling as most are working under different conditions to normal. 

Email to correspond with us.

Visiting our office: (When there are no restrictions)

We have screens, PPE, hand gel and two people are able to call in to the office at one time. We operate an intercom system to manage this.


We accept bank transfers and card payments over the phone between 9am-4pm Monday to Friday. Email us for our account info.

If you have been affected by job losses or massive reduction in pay due to employers not being able to operate, call us right away so we can negotiate with your landlord. 
Our aim is to look after tenants who are genuinely affected by this horrendous situation and will do our utmost to speak with landlords to get some middle ground.

Maintenance and fault reporting:
I have been informed that the various maintenance teams we have in place are only responding to emergencies.
Maintenance and fault reporting is to be done over the phone or by email.
When reporting an issue - send photos or videos to our office by email or SMS *call us for the correct number. This will reduce visits to your home by removing the initial call out required by our agent.
For emergency out of hours calls, take a photo or video, call our mobile and explain the situation and you may be asked to send over the media.
As we use third parties, we can check before they call as to what precautions they have in place and let you know in advance if requested. From on going discussions with the various companies we use, they have very strict regimes and systems in place.


We can arrange viewings of unoccupied properties at any time and occupied if safe and everyone is in agreement.

As the situation develops:

Please keep an eye on this page for further info. We expect our service to be affected as the outbreak evolves. As we are a small office, we do have remote work sites ready to go. Fortunately, all of our applications are cloud based for our accounting, phone and payment systems so we expect to be able to provide good service whilst we work through this.

We encourage any feedback or further ideas from our clients if they have any specific concerns. We also understand that not every one of our tenants has technology to access our services so our landline will be available during the usual business hours even when our office is closed.

Please work with us , thanks.