5 Penglais Terrace RESERVED
  • 5 Bedrooms
    5 Penglais Terrace 5 Bedrooms

A 5-bedroom property located in the perfect location at the bottom of Penglais hill. Any of our properties on Penglais Terrace tend to reserve quickly due to their perfect location. This is one of 5 Penglais terrace properties managed by ALP, of the 8 along the terrace. Anything in this perfect location is a guaranteed winner for the perfect year.


Beds: All 5 bedrooms are Double or ¾ larger size.


Location: The PERFECT location at the bottom of Penglais Hill.


Availability: June 2024 – June 2025


Price: Base Price of £88 per person per week including water and internet. 

Inclusive Package available at £20 per person per week for a total inclusive price of £108 per person. 

50% reduction for summer is available.



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